8 Out Of Top 10 Apps In Play Store Are Owned By JIO Now! Have A Look

Reliance Jio has been making headlines since its launch, with the offers that Mukesh Ambani announced. It succeeded in pooling subscribers faster than Whatsapp. With free voice calls and the internet, many are using this offer for watching their favorite videos and even surfing internet unlimited.

Within a short span of time, Reliance JIO has already hit the top charts. People are talking about Reliance JIO, from good reviews to criticizing the connectivity of the network. Recently, there is one more news about extending the unlimited promotional offer until March 2017.


Facebook took almost 1.5 – 2.5 years to reach a stage where it is today i:e at the ‘Top Free Apps’ on Play Store. Whatsapp and many other apps like Tinder, Facebook Messenger, ShareIt, WeChat comparatively took a lot of time to reach the top 10 or 20 positions.

But after introducing Reliance JIO on 1st September 2016, Reliance JIO has managed to grab the No. 1 TOP position in the category of ‘TOP FREE APPS’ in Play Store in just a week’s time.


Reliance JIO Surpassed Facebook Messenger:


Out of the top 15 apps, 12 of the apps belong to Reliance’s Jio application family. The most important thing to discuss is that Reliance JIO even surpassed the most downloaded apps from play store like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.

The ‘MY JIO’ app has been downloaded for more than 10 Million times followed by ‘JIOCINEMA Movies TV Music’ app with 5 Million downloads. Both of these apps have rating more than 4.4

Reliance My JIO App:


JIOCINEMA Movies TV Music App:


Click Here To install MY JIO App

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