How to Root Andriod Device Without PC/ Computer

Android rooting, is a procedure where one can cross over the limitations and get full access on your smartphone. In other words, you can access all files which contain your Hardware info as well. After rooting the device your phone will boost up and you can unlock it for doing various experiments. However, there are a lot of methods by which you can root your android phone with the computer.

Would you like to root the device without PC/ Computer? Here are some android apps through which you can root your android device without a computer. Most of the android smartphones work these apps easily without any risk. These apps help you to root the device instantly.

How to Root Andriod Device Without PC/ Computer

Root Any Android Device Without PC:

There are many benefits to root android without a computer like it will save time, safer and almost no chance of any bricking of your device. We have listed the top Root Apps without PC For Android which will work successfully without getting any void on your warranty.


This is one of the top root androids without PC methods. By using this app you can root your device within seconds. Most of the exploits of Framaroot are created for MTK chipset android phones, though. This is the safest app and if you would like to use this app then you should check out the FramaRoot supported device.


How to Use FramaRoot?

  • Firstly, download Framaroot from the given link provided below.
  • Install APK in your android phone.
  • Now, select Exploit from the list which supports your phone. If you have no idea then select one by one.


  • Click on root button & boom. It will show you a success message.

exploitDownload FramaRoot Here:

download framaroot app


This app is one of the oldest apps to root android without a computer and without any risk of the hard brick of android mobile. If you own an android phone from a good brand like HTC, Sony, Motorola and Samsung, then this APK is probably the best to root your android phone without a computer. This app comes with both temporary and permanent rooting methods.


Steps to Root Android Device Using Z4Root:

  • Download Z4Root app the link given below.
  • Install Z4Root APK in your android phone.


  • Open Z4Root app in your android phone.


  • Now, you will see 2 options, Temporary root or permanent root.


  • Select Permanent root option & wait a second.


  • Now, simply restart your android phone to root it without a computer.

Download Z4Root App Here:

download z4root app

Towel Root:

Towel Root app is specially made for the Kitkat Android 4.4.2 smartphones. This is is completely free to use and no need to pay even a single penny to use the app. Towel Root was not exclusively designed in Galaxy S5 thread but this APK has got success in rooting many other devices too.


How to Root Android With Towel Root?

  • First of all, Take a backup of your android device. So that, if you face any problem you can restore your precious data with ease.
  • Download Towel Root from the link given below.
  • Install it on your android device.
  • Open Towel Root and click on Make it Rain.


  • Wait few seconds & it will root your phone easily.


iRoot is one of the best android apps to root the android phone without any need of computer/PC. It is a popular name among power-android users. Its a Chinese app, but there are many mods available for this app in English version. You can also unroot your phone with this app in just one click.


Steps to Root Android Using iRoot:

  • Download iRoot application.
  • Install it on your android phone.
  • Open iRoot application in your android phone.


  • Tap on I Agree.
  • Now, Simply click on Root button in the iRoot app.
  • It will root your android phone successfully now.


Download IRoot App Here:

download iroot app

CF Auto Root:

This is another rooting application without using Computer. This app by Chainfire can root your Samsung s series smartphones without PC easily without any risk.

CF Auto Root

How to Use CF Auto Root?

  • Download CF Auto Root app.
  • Install downloaded APK of CF Auto Root in your android mobile now.
  • Once you have successfully installed CF Auto Root, Open it.
  • Click on Root my phone button.
  • After few minutes restart your android device and check whether superuser app is showing in the app drawer or not. If Superuser app is showing then, you have successfully rooted your android phone.


Download CF Auto Root Here:

download c4 app

KingoRoot App:

Kingo Android Root has launched its KingoRoot app for Android, which provides a universal one-click Android root solution for Android users. It is easy to use and saves the trouble to connect to PC via USB cable.

KingoRoot App

How to Root KingoRoot App Without PC?

  • Download KingoRoot Application first.
  • Install KingoRoot.apk on your device.
  • Open “Kingo ROOT” app and start rooting.
  • Wait for few seconds till result appear on the screen.


Download Kingo Root App Here:

download kingroot app

Easy Rooting Toolkit App:

This is one of the best and new working app to root the android phone without PC. This easy rooting toolkit will root your mobile and even install the buy box and su files in your mobile. You must try this app to easily root your android device.

How To Root Using Easy Rooting Toolkit App?

  • First download the file from below download link
  • Extract all files using any zip extractor
  • Go to the folder of extraction and execute the file “RUNME.bat”


  • You will get the file as above. Read all the instruction carefully and run it.
  • Reboot the device after the script finish it execution!

Download Toolkit App Here:


Root Master App:

Root Master is another effective method to root android without PC easily. This method is totally free to use.


How to root android phone using Root Master:

  • Download Root Master application.
  • Take the backup of your device.
    Install APK in your android phone. (Make sure you have enabled Unknown sources in settings)
  • Open Root Master application in your android phone and Click on Tap to root.
  • Just wait for some minutes and restart your android phone now.


How to Check Whether Device Is Successfully Rooted Or Not?

If you have confused that whether you have rooted your android phone or not. You can check this by using Root Checker application.


  • First of download and install Root Checker from Play Store.


  • Open this app and click on Verify Root.
  • If your android phone is rooted successfully then it will show that Congratulations, Root access is successfully installed in your android mobile.

Download Root Checker App Here:


Download & install these Android Root Apps which can be used without any risk.

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